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- Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Theory

- Frank
- Berklee College of Music '80
- 40+year Professional Musician

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The way to get started with Online Lessons with Frank is to send me an email with a RETURN eMAIL ADDRESS. If possible, use the same eMail address that we would use for lessons as described in Step Three of the Step-by-Step Instructions. Please specify what instrument you wish to study, and if you are seeking a consultation or ongoing lessons.
Then, you should make arrangements to make payment. For online and credit card payments, PayPal membership is recommended. Once you are a verified user, ongoing payments can proceed easily.
By now, we will most likely be figuring out a time to schedule the first lesson. As we do, and as any final PayPal processing finishes up, you should make sure you have everything you need technically to begin to study online.
That's really all there is to it! Once the time is scheduled and the payment is cleared, we are free to get on with as much music learning as you wish. Just eMail me to get started!
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How to Study Online
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Checklist to Study Online with Frank

Here's a list to help you get organized:
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Payment Information

Lessons are $30 per half-hour and $50 per hour. One-hour-per-week and One-hour-every-two-week monthly subscriptions are also offered below.

Payments are accepted through PayPal. Members can pay directly, and non-members can process payment using a credit card. It is asked that bulk payments be limited to a maximum of $200 (four one-hour lessons.)
Time for payment to clear will be required (generally a few days for a U.S. payment.)
You will be contacted once the payment is cleared via the emial address used to contact me or make the payment, or another specified in advance. In order to maintain a steady lesson schedule, regular advance payments will be required, allowing time for processing.
Payments by PayPal require verification time. This typically takes less time than waiting for a check to clear.
PLEASE BE SURE. I do not issue refunds or return payments. You are purchasing the time it takes me to explain the lessons, and sometimes time to prepare materials tailored to your individual needs.

$200.00 / 1hr every week

$100.00 / 1hr every 2 wks.

E-mail me to get started!

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