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- Frank
- Berklee College of Music '80
- 40+year Professional Musician

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Payment Information

Lessons are $30 per half-hour and $50 per hour.

Payments are accepted through PayPal. Members can pay directly, and non-members can process payment using a credit card. It is asked that bulk payments be limited to a maximum of $200 (four one-hour lessons.)
Time for payment to clear will be required (generally a few days for a U.S. payment.)
You will be contacted once the payment is cleared via the emial address used to contact me or make the payment, or another specified in advance. In order to maintain a steady lesson schedule, regular advance payments will be required, allowing time for processing.
Payments by PayPal require verification time. This typically takes less time than waiting for a check to clear.
PLEASE BE SURE. I do not issue refunds or return payments. You are purchasing the time it takes me to explain the lessons, and sometimes time to prepare materials tailored to your individual needs.

$200.00 / 1hr every week

$100.00 / 1hr every 2 wks.

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