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* Note: Covered Right Hand Techniques include Finger Style, Pick-and-Finger Styles, and Pick Styles including Sweep picking, Circular picking, Flat picking, Alternate picking, Jazz Styles and a Reverse Pick-and-Finger Style (+) Frank developed using the pick on the higher-pitched strings and plucking the chords below with the Middle, Ring and Pinky of the Right Hand. See More. Instruction choices do not include Classical Style Right Hand Technique.

Note from the Instructor:
          "I have been very fortunate over the years to play with amazing drummers. I love drums, and have enjoyed picking my drummers' brains and studying their ideas. As such, there are few recordings of myself playing the set. I currently sit in at local Jazz Gigs and Jam Sessions, and play with students. I can definitely help you get your set playing together.
          My Trap Set teacher is also my drummer of 40 years-plus. You can check out his work here."

- Frank

Note from the Instructor:
          "I am unrecorded as a lead vocalist. I began playing Rock in 'Jersey bars when I was 16, and sang background vocals there and in Boston with the Music Machine. I currently sing in the Eastern Great Lakes Region with One World Tribe, JD Blues and JD Jazz, performing Jazz and Latin Standards with JD Jazz at local clubs, singing the heads and scatting solos over the changes.
          I undertook serious vocal studies in 2010 to improve my tuning and consistency, and to develop my technique for tone production on the Saxophone. Since then I have helped a number of Sax and Vocal students improve their sound, technique and range."

- Frank

Note: Composition Lessons are scheduled by the hour, rather than the half-hour. These studies are in-depth and can cover broad topics and ideas. Lessons will include discussions of developmental history, context and technology, and cover "Classical" or Western European Harmonic Music and American Music, including Jazz, Latin and other Dance Styles.

Every aspect of Music Learning inevitibly includes some Music Theory. This begins with the naming of Notes, Chords, and Rhythm, and includes the Language of Music and the understanding of the ways Music is expressed. Advanced Theory enters the realm of Compositional Knowledge, which is outlined in the Composition Studies Catagory above. Analysis is most directly tied to pure Music Theory, which enables the musician to extrapolate from existing music for creative purposes. Music Theory catagories can also be appled to Ear Training development.

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Lessons are $25 USD per Half Hour. Payments through PayPal, or mailed and cleared check, are accepted in advance. Details of your goals, obstacles and practical stratagies for development will be part of the first lessons.

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