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- Berklee College of Music '80
- 40+year Professional Musician

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Online Lessons with Frank:

"...depending upon what I wanted to accomplish, Frank created the music instruction road map that was tailored to what I wanted to see, do, hear and experience.
At all times I felt that the instruction that I received was created just for me. And when there was something I wasn't clear about, Frank always took the time to help me connect the dots through his patient explanations, real world examples, and his personal music experiences."
John Fowler, guitar | Read The Whole Thing...
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Lessons Created with You in Mind

"...quite simply, the best it can get.
Encyclopedic knowledge of instrumental techniques and theoretical principles wedded with a common sense approach to applying these principles in real world situations make Frank indispensable for the beginning student as well as more experienced musicians looking to 'stretch themselves'.
Frank will go as slow or as fast as you are able until you feel comfortable with the material you are working on. Proof of the success of Frank's methods are as close as his CDs, posted videos, and live performances.
Truly phenomenal!!"
Brad Amidon, guitar | Read The Whole Thing...

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"Frank is a true musician and has guided me to levels of competence that I would not have thought possible before I started working with him. I can honestly say that there is not a musician out there that could not benefit from spending some time with Frank. On line or face to face, he will make you a better player. He's a world class player and a top notch teacher."
Jim Lynch, guitar | Read The Whole Thing...
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Instruction that Helps You Achieve Your Goals

"The few years I spent with you taught me more than I ever expected. It is not only easier for me to pick up new songs but now I understand the structure and am able to lay down my own solos. I am finding it easier to express myself through my guitar."
Mike Monroe, guitar | Read The Whole Thing...

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"Frank's enthusiasm for music is contagious! I left every lesson excited to learn. His breadth and depth of music history, knowledge and theory is amazing--truly a pleasure to learn from."
Patrick Traphagen, electric bass

Lessons That Get You Excited to Learn

"Frank's experience as a working musician and his encyclopedic knowledge of music theory make him a great teacher. His enthusiasm and high energy style shine through in every lesson."
Pete Slivinski, guitar

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"Frank Singer is an excellent teacher. I learned many useful skills from him, and was able to apply it while playing. The lessons tied together very well and progressed at the right pace."
Adam Hausman, sax

Practical, Field-Tested, Experienced Instruction

"It is such a privilege to be able to study the guitar with an artist of Frank's caliber. He knows ALL the theory and technique, imparting it with wisdom and humor. He also relays the 'tricks of the trade' garnered from over thirty years of making a living as a professional jazz musician. He's not just a music teacher, he's a guru."
Louise Garrelts, guitar

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"As a father of two, and an international business professional, time is at an absolute premium. Online lessons allow me to continue my studies with an incredible jazz musician while juggling a busy schedule. Regardless of where I may be logging in from, virtual lessons with Frank are 100% effective-- almost as good as being there live."
Kenneth Kempinski, guitar
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Convienient and Flexible Approach

"I've been playing music for 32 years and have studied from many music instructors, but continue to study online with Frank. (He) is, without a doubt, a teacher's teacher. His level of knowledge is unsurpassed and his technical ability is no less than jaw-dropping.
If you have any doubt, spend just 5 minutes talking with Frank (or listening to his jazz playing) and that doubt will be replaced by complete confidence knowing that you have found the best.
Bob Dorris, professional bass player | Read The Whole Thing...

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"If you want to know about playing jazz, call Frank!"
Tim Wickham, keyboard player

Specializing in Jazz and American Music

"Frank Singer is a highly educated and talented musician. He tailors his lessons to fit each student according to their personal experience and skill level.
Being proficient on guitar, piano, bass and drums, Frank can not only teach a student to play solo guitar or piano, but can also teach that student how interact with other musicians if his/her goal to is to play in a group situation.
I have been taking advanced jazz piano and theory lessons from him for about a year and a half and he has helped me tremendously in my playing, comping and soloing."
Dave Calabrese, piano
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"I really loved my piano lessons! You shared your profound perspective into the study of music, while providing me with the tools to continue a lifelong appreciation and study of the art."
Jennifer Grant, piano

Lessons That Keep Music In Your Life

"I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have taught me over the years. Your teaching has brought my understanding of music to a level I never thought I could reach. Your method of teaching has enabled me to play with professionals. More than just the method, your patience and inherent understanding of people and their individual needs as a student set you apart from any other teacher I have studied with.
You have prepared me for solo, duet, trio and combo gigs. You have given me invaluable tips on recording, signal purity, processing and production. You passed on nuggets of wisdom that you have accumulated over a lifetime of remarkable achievement; academic, professional, personal and otherwise. You found a way to simplify all the complexities and intricacies of music and harmony.
Players learning a complex approach to harmony for the first time tend to second guess themselves as they try new techniques at improvisation. You taught me the best way to overcome that natural players' anxiety with the only rule in music: 'if it sounds good, its right'. Thank you for everything."
Joe Frisina, guitar | Read The Whole Thing...
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"Lessons with Frank from a young age gave me a strong foundation to play comfortably within a variety of genres which ultimately has allowed me to develop a style of my own.
"When I wanted to make the move from piano to guitar, Frank was not phased in the slightest. He began to teach me guitar technique, but also continued to instill the music theory and musicality that applies to all instruments. Also, his courses have much focus on composition and analysis, which helped me to understand what I was naturally creating and gave me the tools to hone that skill into my greatest asset professionally."
Paul Holmes, guitar & piano - Paul and The Patients, Pitty Sing

Find Your Own Musical Voice

"Frank singer is one of those rare educators that is effective at all levels. Beginner students as well as professionals seeking development can benefit from Singer's instruction to make their lives more musical. Frank's inter-disciplinary knowledge can often put lessons in a greater context that inspires the student to imagine the infinitude of music. In other words, Frank is the type of teacher that creates life-long learners of many of his students.
Frank is also unique as a teacher because his performance experience is so vast! Singer has performed as a guitarist, keyboardist, saxophonist, and percussionist in genres ranging from jazz to high-life and bluegrass to reggae. His rigorous performing schedule gives depth to his instruction that is truly one of a kind. Frank's solo jazz guitar CD is all the testimonial you should need!
Matt Hudson, guitar | MySpace Page, Hudson Sounds, Scientific Map
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"Frank prepared me for my first year at Berklee College of Music. I was a classically trained piano player with zero jazz and blues background. Frank took me on and began creating a notebook of reference material that I could use during my journey as an emerging musician and songwriter. The notebook consisted of basic jazz and blues theory, chord progessions, jazz and blues scales, and a basic overview of goods that helped immensely as I began the path to music land.
Though I don't play as much as I used to, if any, Frank gave me the confidence needed and the open-mindedness to embrace the fabulous complexity of blues and jazz theory! I loved every minute with Frank. He is a wise man, equipped with the patience and knowledge to help students grow and evolve into the next level of a successful musician.
Many thanks!
Leslie McAllister, piano

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